What is break bulk shipping?

Break bulk shipping is a method which is used for transporting cargo that cannot fit in standard-size containers and bins used for shipping. This method of shipping is used to transport large pieces or amount of cargo from one side of the country to the other, or across oceans.

Sometimes a cargo that is needed to transport is too large or heavy for an aeroplane then shippers will often use break cargo shipping. Therefore, if you are also interested in shipping cargo that requires bulk cargo shipping, then your stuff will be best transported by sea with the help of a bulk carrier.

Break bulk shipping

Transport of goods through the sea is one of the most economical types of international transport. The items that shipped via sea as bulk cargo includes grain, coal, sand, ore, fertiliser, forest products, food items, gravel, and metal concentrates.

There are many things involved in break bulk cargo. The onboard sea freight shipping crew is well-trained for different tasks, including ship navigation, tools upkeep, and loading and unloading of the bulk cargo. The staff is also well-aware of how to handle hazardous materials as they are well-trained and understand safe handling procedures and regulations.

When it comes to transport bulk cargo, there are different types of ships used, depending on the size of carriers. Normally, it includes the Panamax ships and the Capesize vessels.

Additionally, these carriers use special tools for the process of loading and unloading the freight. Most of the time, large cranes along with conveyor belts are used to safely load and unload the cargo. Moreover, the break bulk freight is identified as major or minor bulk. The major bulk, includes the transportation of grain, coal, and ore, whereas, the minor bulk includes the transportation of agricultural materials, cement, and minerals.

Break bulk shipping

Furthermore, this type of cargo can be shipped in different ways, such as an intermediate bulk container is used for shipping liquids. The intermediate bulk containers are constructed of steel or plastic materials. If you are interested in transporting liquids, then you should go for the cylinder shape shipping containers, called drums. And sometimes, a certain type of material is used to insulate the containers for maintaining product stability.

If you want to transport break bulk freight overseas, then it would be best to choose break bulk shipping. It will safely and effectively transport cargo in bulk.  You will find hundreds of cargo shipping agencies that can assist you in transporting goods with maximum safety from one country to another.