Three Types of Commercial Waterproof Sealants

Patching leaks in your building is easy if you know the ideal type of waterproof sealants to utilize. Working closely with commercial building waterproofing contractors, you can select the most appropriate sealing product that’s going to satisfy the special requirements of the building. With so many products out there, it can be difficult to make the right choice. Commercial building waterproof sealants Sydney are categorized into three, that is:

1. Urethane-Based Sealants

Urethane-based sealants provide a great balance between performance and cost and are usually the preferred choice in numerous commercial building waterproofing projects. Urethane sealants have a nice useful life. They can serve up to 10 years given proper application. Additionally, these waterproofing sealants Sydney provides flexibility that’s pretty important in commercial building waterproofing projects that need sealing areas subjected to the constant movement of joints. 

Because urethane-based products can be painted over, they are the most suitable option for projects with aesthetic considerations. Thematic hues can be utilized for the building without limiting the performance of the urethane sealants. Urethane waterproofing sealants Sydney are usually utilized in waterproofing glass insulations, roofing membrane sealing, joint sealing, metal, and concrete commercial building waterproofing as well as machinery coating.

2. Resin Modifiers

The growth in adhesion technology has synthesized polymers at their molecular level. The outcomes are phenolic resins which are utilized in producing affordable adhesives. Resin-based waterproof sealants Sydney have great adhesion to numerous types of surfaces. They can resist any kind of water intrusion and high-temperature flame and heat. As part of a commercial building waterproofing solution, resin modifiers provide strength and reliability without the expense. 

Selecting the ideal waterproofing sealants Sydney for a particular commercial waterproofing project requires not being a daunting task. Working with qualified waterproofing contractors and getting a primary knowledge of what’s in the market today makes the task easy. 

3. Silicone-Based Sealants

These types of waterproof sealants Sydney are considered to be the most quality when it comes to industry standards. They are more versatile compared to other sealants as they deliver powerful adhesive bonds to nearly any type of surface, including:

  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Fibrous surfaces
  • Already-coated surfaces

Silicon waterproofing sealants Sydney have evolved from nanotechnology and nuclear researches, and for that, they are stable and pretty resistant to extreme conditions like UV radiations and fluctuating temperature. Additionally, they are utilized in marine waterproofing as they have stable electronica and chemical properties and are usually the sealant preferred when it comes to off-shore oil rigs that require high-performing fire retardant sealants.  


Because these products utilize costly material, silicone, information, they are more costly than other sealant products. However, the cost is nothing bearing in mind that they guarantee up to 20 years – very durable. So, you know which type of waterproof sealants Sydney to go for.