What Kind of Industrial Wire Shelving Supplier is Safe for your Products and Goods?

You can find many different types of wire shelving supplier that you can find in stores and on the Internet, but if you are a company that needs boards to obtain a larger load, you may want to consider purchasing from Industrial Wire Products.

These types of boards are made to be more durable to easily withstand the extra heavy weight placed on them.

You can even use the internet to check the different types of the wire boards available. Thus, you can even compare prices as in between manufacturers to yet make sure you are getting the good price.

List of the most reputable suppliers of wire shelving

There are several suppliers of industrial wire racks including Grainger Industrial Supply, or the Safco, Omega Shelving Corp and the famous, Housway Company.

wire shelving supplier

These industrial boards are used in different applications, but they are popular because these boards allow air to flow freely under, above and around stored objects because these boards are resistant to form mold and dust. These shelves are often located in places where there are a lot of air particles, such as garages, because they cannot hold all the structures.

Why Safco shelves should be your first choice?

Another popular name in the offer of industrial wire racks is Safco. They are a well-known company that supplies many units of this class to the shelves of many businesses as homeowners.

They have industrial wire shelving that can be purchased one section at a time, so the customer only gets the quantity they need when they need it. One section consists of four pillars with four planks.

Each of these boards can carry up to 650 pounds. As the business grows or the need for storage increases, new sections can be added to the originals.

These industrial wire shelving units manufactured by Safeco also have adjustable legs, so the customer can make sure that the unit is horizontal on which floor it is placed.

These legs also have plastic covers, so they have a wider leg for extra support. These boards are also GreenGuard Certified.

These units have a depth of 48 “Wx18”, where the customer decides on the length of the board unit. This happens when deciding to measure the length of the boards from wire shelving supplier between four different boards and the ceiling. To learn more about this topic visit our website.

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